Research, development and innovation funding

Research, development and innovation funding
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The ambition of many entrepreneurs is to make a name for themselves and become known and renowned; they understand the necessity of competitiveness and want to generate decisive competitive  advantages for their companies. Research and innovation are key instruments in their tool box. In order to help and stimulate them in these endeavours, the Luxembourg Government has made the 2009 legal framework more dynamic in order to provide support throughout the entire innovation process.

With this new law, the Government is clearly showing its desire to facilitate the involvement of the entire SME community in innovation activities. The text places a particular emphasis on SMEs which are the backbone of the economy and provides them with access to State aid through simplified schemes that cover consultancy fees as well the secondment of highly qualified staff and intellectual property protection.
Another scheme for SMEs focuses on process and organisational innovation. This latter is also available for large enterprises as long as they implement their innovation together with a small or medium-sized enterprise.

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Aides à la recherche, au développement et à l’innovation
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