DuPont de Nemours - DuPont Protection Technologies, DuPont Building Innovations


Staff number : >=250

Turnover : 418 000 000 in 2011

Description of activities

DuPont Luxembourg is a manufacturing site and a European business centre for the DuPont Protection Technologies, DuPont Building Innovations and DuPont Performance Polymers businesses as well as the joint venture DuPont Teijin Films.

Main application domains

Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Electronics & Communications, Safety / Personal Protection

Products and services

  • Manufacturing of High Strength Spunbondeds (Typar®, Xavan®,Zemdrain®, Plantex®),
  • spunbonded polyethylene (Tyvek®),
  • thermoplastic ether ester elastomer (Hytrel®),
  • semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester (Crastin®),
  • polyimid film (Kapton®).

Customer references

  • Joint Venture DuPont Teijin Films for manufacturing polyester films

Trading area

Luxembourg, Greater Region, Europe, International

International locations

Greater Region, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania

Additional information

Certifications: BS EN ISO 9001 :2008, NBN EN ISO 14001:2004, Wildlife Habitat Council

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

R&D investments (in % or by thousands of euros) : 1% of turnover in 2011. Percentage of human resources: 40 people in 2012

Industrial property

  • Licence(s) on the company’s/research centre’s technologies granted to third parties
  • Use of external technology under a licensing agreement or acquisition

Technological/technical capabilities

Production and characterization of non-woven sheet materials made from polyolefins, polyesters and others polymers. Flash-Spinning polymers out of a slurry solution. Coating, printing, powdercoating, laminating nonwovens, films and other sheet structures. Polymer additive formulations different end-use requirements: UV-stability, thermal stability, biodegradability, flame-retardancy, antistatic.... and the respective measurement and characterization technologies. Construction and building technologies : breathable membranes, thermal and sound insulation, protection and safety, weather resistance, radon barrier, structural integrity. Protective technologies: protective suits for dust, chemical protection, chemical warfare, bio-barrier... . Civil engineering : geotextiles, irrigation, drainage membranes and systems. Landscape and Gardening: weed-control, root-control, seeded mats, crop-protection ... . Graphics and envelopes: substrates, printing and inks. MedicalPackaging: membranes.

Business sector(s)

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Materials and surface treatment
  • Chemical and parachemical industry
  • Company services, consulting


DuPont de Nemours - DuPont Protection Technologies, DuPont Building Innovations
rue Général Patton, Contern; L-2984; Luxembourg; LUXEMBOURG
Phone: +352 36 66 10 00
Fax: +352 36 66 50 06

R&D Contact

Application Development Manager EMEA
Phone: +352 36 66 57 50

R&D Contact

Ms LEMOINE Christine
Global Manufacturing Technology and R&D Manager
Phone: +352 36 66 56 35

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