Staff number : 1-9

Turnover : 380 000 EUR in 2011

Description of activities

  • Embedded software and electronics development;
  • Development and manufacturing of specialized products used in the area of Diesel and petrol engine and engine management systems development;
  • Prototype and small series manufacturing.

Products and services

  • Universal engine controller used for the development of Diesel engines on engine test beds;
  • Injector controller for Diesel injector test stands;
  • Universal solenoid tester used for the development and end of line testing;
  • User-programmable controller used for various applications
  • Development of various products (electronics and software) for various customers.

Customer references

  • Institut Français du Pétrole (FR)
  • Delphi Automotive Systems (LU, UK, US)
  • Honeywell-Garrett (FR, US)
  • EFS (FR)
  • Eurocopter (FR)
  • Luxspace (LU)
  • Namsa (LU)

Trading area


Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

R&D investments (in % or by thousands of euros) : Percentage of human resources: 1-9 people in 2011

Industrial property

  • Licence(s) on the company’s/research centre’s technologies granted to third parties
  • Use of external technology under a licensing agreement or acquisition

Technological/technical capabilities

  • PC software development;
  • Real time embedded software design;
  • Electronic circuit design (digital and analog);
  • Usage of programmable logic devices;
  • Algorithm development in the field of engine control systems.


Scopes, processor development tools, electronic circuit design software, etc.

Business sector(s)

  • Engineering
  • Aeronautics and space
  • Electronics, micro- and nanosystems


150, rue de Niedercorn; L-4991 Sanem; LUXEMBOURG
Phone: +352 26 58 17 53
Fax: +352 26 58 17 51
Email: info@emtronix.lu
Site: http://www.emtronix.lu

R&D Contact

Mr Du FAUX Henri
Phone: +352 26 58 17 54
Email: henri.du.faux@emtronix.lu

R&D Contact

Mr LORANT Cédric
Phone: +352 26 58 17 53
Email: cedric.lorant@emtronix.lu

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