Staff number : 1-9

Turnover : 100.000€ (Lux subsidiary)

Description of activities

INNOmaterials is a recent company born end 2013 in Switzerland and in 2015 in Luxembourg. Its concept is to help industries solving their technical problems, or propose them new materials by using a wide professional background or organizing external developments through an international R&D network.

One of its core business is the development and production of very specific rubber formulations for the bands used by the luxury Swiss watch industry. INNOmaterials is a strategic partner with Solvay for the fluoro-elastomers used in those formulations. Aside from that, INNOmaterials is active in very different domains such as valuation of various rubber wastes products, use of durable perfumes into rubber or plastics, development of very high strength plastics, low-noise cobbles, or even a new type of tennis balls with a longer lifespan


Main application domains

Activity domains is anywhere a materials or a product/compound has to be developped. INNOmaterials can be seen as an outsourced R&D center, bringing its wide experience in product development in industry, but also a quite extensive R&D network with additional capabilities.

Products and services

We propose industries to coordinate outsourced development of new materials, new products, going from the concept / technical objectives definition to the final product delivery, including all required validation steps.

We are also very active in promoting valoraisation of some industry wastes, to be potentially reused as a secondary material by another one. 

Customer references

INNOmaterials SA (Swiss part) develops and supplies high tech rubbers for several of the main Swiss watch groups (we cannot disclose them).

INNOmaterials SARL (Lux part) works with Burgo Ardennes, Serviplast, Hercorub (Belgium), international bicyle tire companies (names cannot be disclosed), Phenix Technologies in France (rubber devulcanisation)

Trading area


International locations


Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

R&D investments (in % or by thousands of euros) : As a consulting company, we don't really invest in R&D, but propose our R&D capabilities to others

Industrial property


Technological/technical capabilities

  • Deep knowldege in rubber compound and rubber/tire industry in general
  • knowledge in bio-sourced filler in rubber for much reduced heat built-up over carbon black(, or even silica)
  • knowledge in rubber recycling, through devulcanisation, reuse as powder or as recovered carbon black
  • knowledge in perfume addition into rubbers or plastics


No equipment is available in Luxembourg. But our Swiss headquarter is equipped with a plastics injection press, a compression press, two rolls mills (1 lab scale for rubber developments, and 1 for semi-industrial colored compound production).

Business sector(s)

  • Automotive
  • Environment
  • Materials and surface treatment
  • Chemical and parachemical industry
  • Company services, consulting


11 rue des 3 Cantons, L-8399 Windhof (GD Luxembourg)
Phone: 00352 691 77 2337

R&D Contact

Louis Olivier
Phone: 691772337

  • Updated 04-12-2017