ISOS (International Supplier for Orthopaedic Surgery)


Staff number : 1-9

Turnover : 1 014 000 in 2009

Description of activities

ISOS has a two-fold activity:

  • ISOS is specialised in importing and selling surgical implants from human bones and tissues;
  • ISOS collects tissues taken from alive and dead donors (human bones and connective tissues). These tissues are treated and delivered to health care centers that provided them. This way, ISOS can provide surgeons with allogenic transplants treated with the best possible process for each type of tissue.

    Tissu Bank Agreement N°001/07 From the Ministry of Health, following the Law of the 1st August 2007.

    December 2009: setting-up in Athens of Hellas Bone & Tissue Bank, LBTB Greek subsidiary.

    October 2010, HBTB´s capital increase up to 9 000 EUR.
    ONEXHELLENIC Group joins HBTB Ltd with taking 50% of the shares.

    Through the next step (beginning 2011), HBTB Ltd will become HBTB SA with a 60 000 EUR capital.

    President Luc A. ALBY

Main application domains

Tissue banking including collect, transformation(outsource) and distribition in europe. LBTB started a growing activity in relation with the DBM devices. It represents Hans Biomed in Spain, Greece and Turkey.

Besides, our company extends its promotion of Cova membrane in Benelux where we have the exclusivity for distribution. This new business meets a great success both in hand and spine surgery.

Products and services

The Luxembourg Bone and Tissue Bank collects tissues taken from alive and dead donors. These tisues are treated and delivered to health care centers that provided them. ISOS offers health care centers to collect and treat human tissues stemming from surgery.

The Luxembourg Bone and Tissue Bank (LBTB) set up a Scientific Committee gathering 12 Luxembourgish and International surgeons. This Scientific Committee is chaired by Dr Léon Schuman.

Customer references

Clients and Partnerships: Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Spain and Italy

Industrial Partnerships:
Biobank (France), Supercrit® Process
The Luxembourg Bone and Tissue Bank and the Biobank received the Afssaps' agreement for a Luxembourg/Belgium/France partnership

Trading area


International locations


Additional information

Turnover 2005 : 217 000 EUR
Turnover 2006 : 475 000 EUR
Turnover 2007 : 630 000 EUR
Turnover 2008 : 877 000 EUR
Turnover 2009 : 1 014 000 EUR
Forecast 2010 : 1 500 KEUR
Forecast 2011 : 3 000 KEUR

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

R&D investments (in % or by thousands of euros) : 5% of turnover in 2006

Industrial property

Use of external technology under a licensing agreement or acquisition: Yes

Technological/technical capabilities

Expertise in logistics for human tissues, and particularly safe refrigeration procedure with positive and negative temperatures.


  • Dometic controlled refrigerating installations
  • Isothermal containers

Business sector(s)

  • Life Sciences, health and biotechnology


ISOS (International Supplier for Orthopaedic Surgery)
19 parc d'Activité Syrdall; L-5365; Munsbach; LUXEMBOURG
Phone: +352 78 72 86
Fax: +352 78 72 87

R&D Contact

Managing Director ALBY LUC
Managing Director
Phone: +352 78 72 86

R&D Contact

Responsible Doctor OCHS Benoit
Responsible Doctor
Phone: +352 78 72 86

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