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Description of activities

The L.e.e. (Landwirtschaft Energie Emwelt) Company is specialised in renewable energy production techniques and, more specifically, the planning and management of the biomethanisation technique.

Its activities are:

  • designing and dimensioning the biomethanisation system ;
  • carrying out the plans;
  • monitoring the construction;
  • starting up the system;
  • technical service and exploitation after starting up the biomethanisation system;
  • agriculture consulting which, among others, includes calculating fertilising plans, etc.

Products and services

  • management of biomethanisation installations;
  • feasability studies;
  • investment costs calculation;
  • research for financing solutions;
  • profitability calculation;
  • assistance for the setting up of authorization demand files;
  • building site supervision;
  • process starting up;
  • biomass acquisition;
  • consulting in agriculture / management of environmental projects.

Customer references

  • Environment Campus Birkenfeld (Germany);
  • Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor (Luxembourg);
  • Institut für ZukunftsEnergieSysteme (Germany);
  • Agriculture school of Tulln (Austria).

Trading area


Additional information

L.e.e. welcomes students from the Birkenfeld (Germany) and Louvain (Belgium) universities in the frame of the European programme Leonardo da Vinci.

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

Industrial property

  • Occasional internal R&D activities
  • R&D activities carried out with international partners
  • R&D activities carried out alone or with national partners

Technological/technical capabilities

  • study of the biomass flows;
  • biomethanisation stations planning:
    • elaboration of the technical comcept for the energizing valuation of the different types of biomass: breeding excrements, energizing plants, organic dishes;
    • elaboration of the installation plans;
  • optimization of the energy output;
  • analytic surveillance of the fermentation process.

Business sector(s)

  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Energy


Zone artisanale et commerciale Langwies; L-6131; Junglinster; LUXEMBOURG
Phone: +352 26 78 34 1
Fax: +352 26 78 34 44
Email: info@lee.lu
Site: http://www.lee.lu

R&D Contact

Managing Director
Phone: +352 26 78 34 1
Email: schummer@lee.lu

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