Staff number : 50-99

Turnover : 60 000 000 in 2004

Description of activities

LuxPET designs, produces and distributes PET (Poly Ethylene Therephtalate) preforms for the drinks sector using high technology production methods.

Main application domains

Products and services

PET preforms produced by LuxPET exist in 3 models, which are subdivided according to height and weight:

  • PCO (14,75g, 17g, 20g, 21g, 24g, 28g, 31g, 32g, 35g, 37g, 39g, 43g, 46,5g);
  • 8-ECK (21g, 24g, 29g, 32 g, 37g);
  • 30/25 (15g, 31g).

Customer references

Trading area


Additional information

LuxPET received in 2003 the 2nd Environment Prize for industry of FEDIL (Federation of Luxembourg Industrialists), for the use and promotion of recycled raw materials in PET preform production.

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

R&D investments (in % or by thousands of euros) : Percentage of human resources: 1-9 people in 2005

Industrial property

  • Licence(s) on the company’s/research centre’s technologies granted to third parties
  • Use of external technology under a licensing agreement or acquisition

Technological/technical capabilities

  • Injection of PET preforms;
  • Packaging;
  • Composite materials: plastics, polymers;
  • Fine chemicals (dyes, additives...);
  • Recycling;
  • Industrial manufacture;
  • Process control and logistics.


Business sector(s)

  • Agrofood
  • Chemical and parachemical industry


ZAE Robert Steichen, 24 rue Heierschen; L-4940; Bascharage; LUXEMBOURG
Phone: +352 35 87 19 1
Fax: +352 35 87 19 20 8

R&D Contact

Mr THOMAS Jean-Pierre
Plant Manager
Phone: +352 35 87 19 1

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