LuxScan Technologies


Staff number : 10-49

Description of activities

LuxScan Technologies designs, develops and sells vision systems for automatic quality control. Its know how concerns real time image processing for surface inspection, pattern recognition and automation.

The company is currently focusing on timber industry.

Products and services

INTEGRAL Scanning systems for timber industry:

  • Automatic sorting: LaserScan-S100, S200
  • Cross-cutting optimisation: LaserScan-C90, C-180
  • Dimensional control : ShapeScan L, ShapeScan X

Customer references

  • Fabricants de machines : Weinig, System TM, GreCon-Dimter
  • Clients finaux : Velux (Danemark, Ecosse, USA), Binder (Autriche), Green Triangle Forest (Australie), Andersson (USA), Lowen windows (Canada), ...

Trading area


International locations

Europe, North America

Additional information

LuxScan technologies is partner from "Réseau d'innovation Technoport"

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

R&D investments (in % or by thousands of euros) : Percentage of human resources: 1-9 people in 2004

Industrial property

Use of external technology under a licensing agreement or acquisition: Yes

Technological/technical capabilities

Technologies used by LuxScan Technologies are the following:

  • sensors: cameras, Laser device, X-Ray sensors
  • image processing, signal processing
  • vision and pattern recognition
  • real time processing, automation
  • GUI Graphical User Interface, software development
  • network
  • mechanical and electrical design


Laser sensors, cameras, X-Ray systems

Business sector(s)

  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Measuring and testing devices
  • Other industrial (printing, paper, wood, etc)


LuxScan Technologies
ZARE Ouest; L-4384; Ehlerange; LUXEMBOURG
Phone: +352 54 04 16
Fax: +352 54 04 17

R&D Contact

Mr VOGRIG Raphaël
Managing Director
Phone: +352 54 04 16

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