Mind7 Consulting


Staff number : 50-99

Description of activities

Since 2011, Mind7 Consulting advises, accompanies and helps its clients to improve their performance (Business and IT) and gain a better understanding of their data.

Through its consultants and responsive technologies, Mind7 Consulting rolls out simple and effective tools to convey, retrieve and analyze information in IT.

Today, and even more so tomorrow, responsiveness in architectures is essential to ensure that it is efficient, resilient and agile in all sectors of activity. Beyond the functional and technical skills of our consultants, we are committed to giving the best for our clients by respecting the fundamental principles of the company: performance, collaboration and rigor.

Products and services

Our three areas of intervention:

Fast Data : The technological boom makes it possible to address new use cases involving more and more data and less and less time. Our solutions around big data and responsive architectures bring more speed and agility to organizations.

Search & Analytics : The exploitation of disparate information in large quantities centralises, understands and analyzes data and provides a 360 ° complete Vision of a customer, a point of sale, an article…

Management and Control of Process : The control of process consists of defining, monitoring and optimizing an organization's business activities in order to ensure operational performance and guarantee the best customer satisfaction.

In each of these 3 areas, Mind7 Consulting supports its customers both upstream and in the implementation of complete turnkey solutions. Partner of leading software companies our core business is Data. Our 50 consultants work on the design and development of applications that capture, correlate and process information to improve the effectiveness of operational teams

Customer references

We operate, in France and abroad, in various sectors of activity (banking, insurance, supply chain, energy, industry, ...) and organizations of all sizes.

Trading area

Luxembourg, Europe

International locations


Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

Technological/technical capabilities

Fast Data 

Search & Analytics

Management and Control of Process


Business sector(s)

  • Automation
  • Company services, consulting


Mind7 Consulting
46 rue Glesener 1630 Luxembourg
Phone: 26 19 68 71
Email: contact@mind7.com
Site: https://www.mind7.fr/fr/

R&D Contact

Co-founder Zerial Andrea
Phone: +33 9 72 66 14 74
Email: andrea.zerial@mind7.com

R&D Contact

Co-founder Hugot Stéphane
Phone: +33 9 72 66 14 74
Email: stephane.hugot@mind7.com

R&D Contact

Consultant Bensidhoum Samy
Phone: +33 9 72 66 14 74
Email: samy.bensidhoum@mind7.com

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