Trendiction S.A.


Staff number : 10-49

Description of activities

Trendiction crawls different types of data from the internet (blog posts, news, message board posts in various languages) and then:

1)    makes this raw data available to other companies, for integration into their platforms.

2)    Offers a platform (talkwalker) to the end customer where he can monitor his own brands and topics.


Main application domains

  • Businesses that need to process or generate reports over public available data, but don’t have the means/knowledge/money to collect this data on their own. This includes communication companies, market research companies, web applications, news papers and public institutions.
  • For the talkwalker: PR Agencies, media agencies and businesses monitoring their brands and competitors.

Products and services

  • Trendiction Data Service ( Website Crawling (news sites, blogs, messageboards, social media sites, ..)
  • Talkwalker ( Monitor your own brands on topic on the social web

Trading area

Luxembourg, Greater Region, Europe, International

International locations


Additional information


Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

Technological/technical capabilities

Crawling & Data analysis

Business sector(s)

  • Information and Communication Technologies


Trendiction S.A.
14, rue Aldringen, L-1118 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 20 33 35 30

R&D Contact

Britz Thibaut
Phone: +352 20 33 35 30

  • Updated 29-06-2015