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Description of activities

Wordbee is a Luxembourgish software company that develops cloud based solutions to streamline translation processes since 2008. Our clients range from small to large corporations involved in the most diverse areas, to language service providers, whom we aid in making content multilingual. We do not provide language services per se but the infrastructure to make it happen. Thousands of users work with our solutions every day. We are unique in the market because we combine enterprise level translation management and computer assisted translation into one cloud product. Wordbee also offers advice and support to companies and public administrations who want to integrate a multilingual dimension in their projects.

Main application domains

Wordbee translator is used in the public sector, private companies with a lot of translation needs, translation agencies and freelance translators.

Products and services

Wordbee translator, Wordbee Beebox


Customer references

- Nikon Precision Inc., based in the United States and Asia,

- TVCN, AP Portugal and Votraduction, translation agencies from the Netherlands, Portugal and France,

- The Government of Luxembourg,

and other companies, LSPs, institutions and freelance translators.

Trading area


International locations

Europe, North America, Asia

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

Technological/technical capabilities

Wordbee offers fully scalable cloud translation management technologies for enterprises as well as language service providers. Wordbee Translator (TMS & CAT platform) combines project management with advanced business analytics features that enable you to monitor a wide variety of key performance indicators in your translation projects and forecast costs, dates and workload. Wordbee Beebox (CMS Plug-in) adds translation capabilities to content management systems, FTP date feeds, games, databases or code repositories. Beebox cuts localization project workload by 50% putting emphasis on automating and streamlining the translation process instead of individual file handling.


Wordbee provides its software via an online platform available from anywhere using a simple browser. All data from this platform are stored on a server situated in a Luxembourgish datacenter: European Data Hub providing the highest level of security available with temperature control systems, motion detectors, video camera surveillance, smoke detection and fire suppression systems, 24/7 secured access and security breach alarms.



Business sector(s)

  • Automotive
  • Finance
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Aeronautics and space
  • Trade
  • Electronics, micro- and nanosystems
  • Company services, consulting
  • Transport, maintenance and logistics


195, rue de Differdange, L-4437 Soleuvre, Luxembourg
Phone: +352 28 77 12 04
Email: info@wordbee.com
Site: http://wordbee.com

R&D Contact

Dr Böhmig Stephan
Phone: +352 28 77 12 04
Email: sbohmig@wordbee.com

  • Updated 28-06-2018