ZithaSenior S.A.


Staff number : >=250

Description of activities

ZithaSenior S.A. is a middle sized company running 4 nursing homes. ZithaSenior provides care to approximately 400 old and infirm residents and offers save jobs to nearly 650 employees. Research activities started in 2010 by the newly founded department of research and development. ZithaSenior research focuses on one main general theme, which is quality of life (QoL).

- QoL of our residents (e.g., with and without dementia; alcohol related brain damaged individuals). The general objective of the research conducted is (1) to explore new developments in geriatric long term care, (2) to facilitate the integration of those developments in an applied context, and (3) to evaluate the efficiency of these new developments.

- QoL of our employees. Providing care to severely ill old people puts an important burden on carers. Our research constantly evaluates workload and work satisfaction and directly integrates findings in the development of our homes.

Main application domains

Scientific expertise and knowledge transfer in the field of:

  • Geriatric long term care
  • Long term care and rehabilitation of alcohol-related brain damaged individuals (i.e., Korsakoff syndrome)
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Geriatric rehabilitation

Products and services

  • Planning, implementation, and evaluation of research projects addressing the question of quality of life in various fields of geriatric long term care
  • Assessments
    • Geriatric assessments (i.e., cognitive, affective, mobility)
    • Assessments through self-ratings and other-ratings
    • Rehabilitative assessments (e.g. GaitRite® system)

Trading area


International locations

Greater Region, Europe

Additional information

In addition, the R&D department is in close cooperation with the geriatric rehabilitation unit of the ZithaKlinik S.A., providing state-of-the-art cognitive and motor rehabilitation to old adults.

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

Industrial property

Technological/technical capabilities



  • Long term care facilities for old and impaired persons
  • Geriatric rehabilitation unit with up-to-date equipment
  • Neuropsychological and cognitive batteries
  • Access to library with electronic databases
  • Up-to-date statistical software

Business sector(s)

  • Life Sciences, health and biotechnology
  • Person services


ZithaSenior S.A.
30, rue Ste Zithe L-2763 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 40 14 42 06 0
Fax: +352 40 14 42 95 6
Email: jean-paul.steinmetz@zitha.lu
Site: http://www.zitha.lu/de/ZithaSenior

R&D Contact

PhD Steinmetz Jean-Paul
R&D Coordinator
Phone: +352 40 14 42 06 0
Email: jean-paul.steinmetz@zitha.lu

R&D Contact

MD Federspiel Carine
Medical director ZithaSenior S.A.
Phone: +352 40 14 42 05 6
Email: carine.federspiel@zitha.lu

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