Competence Centre - Luxembourg Biomedical Research Resources (LBR2)


Main axes of research

The department is composed of the following research axes:

Genomics (microarray), clinical proteomics, flow cytometry, confocal, toxicology, and animal facility.

Resources and collaborations


  • BD FACS Canto
  • Epifluorescence microscope: Axiovert 200M
  • Camera: monochromatic Axiocam MRm
  • Confocal system: LSM 510 META
  • Equipment for timelapse, including temperature and CO2 controller.
  • Software:for 3D reconstruction: Imaris (Bitplane); for deconvolution: Huygens Essential (SVI); for image analysis: Metamorph (Molecular Devices) and ImageJ (NIH)
  • Gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.
  • High-performance mass spectrometers
  • High-performance separation techniques
  • Affymetrix GeneChip and Agilent microarray platforms
  • Microarray fluorescence scanners
  • Microarrayer Microgrid II
  • Tissue microarrayer
  • 2100 Bioanalyser from Agilent Technologies
  • Nanodrop ND-1000 Spectrophotometer
  • Liquid handling robot Microlab Star for the automation of sample picking and dilutions and microplate reformatting
  • Several specialised and high performance software
  • R and Bioconductor tools for bioinformatics and computational biology
  • A program for the design of oligonucleotide probes

Products and services

  • Cellular Phenotyping, with multicolor labeling
  • Cell sorting
  • Quantifying biological components in solution
  • Tracking cellular proliferation
  • Side Population detection
  • Analyse cell activation via phosphorylation or Calcium Flux
  • Analyse ploidy
  • Analyse apoptosis
  • Quantify telomere repeats
  • Genome-wide studies (DNA, mRNA or miRNA profiling), tissue microarrays, sample preparation and quality control, hybridisation and scanning, biostatistics and bioinformatics microarray data processing and mining)
  • Conception and production of custom microarrays (DNA-, oligonuceotide- or protein-based)
  • Training of end users

Major partnerships and collaborations

University of Luxembourg (LU); Institut de génétique et de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire (IGBMC), Strasbourg (FR); Institut de la vision, Paris (FR); Institut de génétique moléculaire, Montpellier (FR); Institut de génétique humaine Montpellier (FR); UMR CNRS 6237 MEDyC, Reims (FR); Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif (FR); Cancéropôle du Grand Est, Strasbourg (FR); Institute of Oncology, Université d’Umea (SE); Translational Genomics Institute (TGen), (USA); LCA

Human resources

  • 15 Researchers (Prof., ass. Prof., Post-docs, PhD)
  • 3 Doctoral students and students
  • 0 Engineers
  • 4 Technicians
  • 0 Other

Business sector(s)

  • Life Sciences, health and biotechnology


Competence Centre - Luxembourg Biomedical Research Resources (LBR2)
1B, rue Thomas Edison, L-1445 Strassen
Phone: +352 26 97 09 19

R&D Contact

Dr. DOMON Bruno
Luxembourg Biomedical Research Resources
Phone: +352 26 97 09 19

  • Updated 29-06-2015