European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug addiction - Luxembourg Focal Point


Main axes of research

The following core issues are part of the National Focal Point’s (NFP’s) yearly work programme:

  • Prevalence and patterns of use among the general population
  • Problem drug use
  • Treatment demand
  • Drug-related deaths and mortality among drug users
  • Drug-related infectious diseases
  • Crime, markets and supply data
  • Action on new drugs

Current research projects

The NFP manages the national problem drug use surveillance system called RELIS (Luxembourg Information Network on Drugs). RELIS consists of a network of data sources, standardised data collection tools, a centralised database and a routine data processing protocol. It has been launched in 1994 and is presently involving all specialised drug treatment services as well as psychiatric units of general hospitals, prison and judicial police specialised in the fight against drugs. It serves the surveillance of problem drug use at the national level and provides sound evidence for policy making and action planning. Due to its multiple data sources, RELIS also provides valuable data for further research activities such as prevalence studies (latest publication in 2009) or studies on health correlates of drug abuse.

Resources and collaborations

Products and services

RELIS database. Annual national drug report

Major partnerships and collaborations


Treatment centres: Centre thérapeutique de Manternach (CTM–CHNP), Fondation Jugend- an Drogenhëllef (JDH), Tox-In (CNDS), Service thérapeutique Solidarité Jeunes (Jongenheem asbl), Centre Emmanuel asbl.

Psychiatric services of general hospitals : CHNP, CHL, HK, ZK, CHN, CHEM

Judicial Institutions: Judicial Police (drug section), Centre pénitentiaire de Schrassig (Programme Tox)


EMCDDA; REITOX National Focal Points; Council of Europe (Pompidou Group); BENELUX (Drug Policy Group)

Human resources

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Business sector(s)

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