Integrative Research Unit on Social and Individual Development (INSIDE)


Main axes of research

INSIDE focuses its research on three domains which each one covers several thematic sub-domains:

  • Psychosocial Stress and Health
    • Stress, Pain and Pain Modulation
    • Health Promotion and Aggression Prevention
    • Self-Regulation and Health
  • Generations, Family and Life Span Development
    • Early Childhood: Education and Care
    • Youth Research: Contexts and Structures of Growing-Up
    • Ageing and Life Span Development
  • Processes and Systems of Social Regulation
    • Social Inclusion
    • PEARL research programme on Social Inequality - Sociology
    • PEARL research programme on Social Inequality - Economics

Four major objectives inspire research activities within INSIDE:

  • Scientific knowledge production (i.e. developing a set of core knowledge on a national and international basis by integrative interdisciplinary research)
  • Social reporting on children, youth, elderly persons and family development
  • Training and education (i.e. developing new training programs for new skills and different target groups across the Life-span)
  • Consulting (i.e. advising and cooperating with business companies, national stakeholders and decision makers)

Resources and collaborations


Different laboratories are available:

  • Laboratory of Psychophysics and Sensory Psychophysiology (LAPSE)
  • Clinical Psychophysiology Laboratory (CliPsLab)
  • Media and Experimental Laboratory (MExLab)
  • Psychological Diagnostic Laboratory

Up-to-date statistical software

Library with electronic databases

Products and services

  • Specific counselling on organisation and personnel development
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of studies addressing the various domains associated with human resource management in the work contexts (e.g., health and health promotion, stress and stress regulation, regulation of interpersonal conflicts, monitoring of motives and goals)
  • Development and validation of personnel and organisational screening instruments for various domains
  • Training and counselling for groups (e.g., health and health promotion, stress regulation, emotion regulation in the work context, communication skills, conflict solving, resource management in groups, leadership)

Major partnerships and collaborations

STATEC, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Family and Integration, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Ministry of National Education and Professional Training, Ministry of Social Security, Public Research Centres (Santé, Tudor, Lippmann), Chambre des Salariés Luxembourg, several NGO's, different research centres on technology development abroad

Additional information

Members of the unit work as experts for (a) several international research agencies (e.g., German Research Foundation, European Science Foundation, European Research Area-Age, several other European Research Foundations) (b) social political institutions in selected European countriers, and (c) private companies.

Human resources

  • 35 Researchers (Prof., ass. Prof., Post-docs, PhD)
  • 36 Doctoral students and students
  • 0 Engineers
  • 0 Technicians
  • 28 Other

Business sector(s)

  • Human and Social Sciences
  • Life Sciences, health and biotechnology
  • Finance


Integrative Research Unit on Social and Individual Development (INSIDE)
Campus Walferdange, Route de Diekirch, BP 2, L-7220 Walferdange
Phone: +352 46 66 44 64 79

R&D Contact

Prof. Dr FERRING Dieter
Phone: +352 46 66 44 66 46

  • Updated 29-06-2015