Centre for Research in Economics and Management(CREA)


Main axes of research

CREA aims at being a centre of research excellence in Economics and Management in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Research areas:

  • Regional Development and Globalization: The analysis of economic interactions between geographical entities and their impact on development opportunities remains one of the key research priorities. Such interactions work through trade, capital and labour mobility, tax competition, environmental constraints, knowledge spillovers, etc. Agglomeration effects and location choices also affect the productivity and the relative income of a region or country.
  • Macroeconomics and Growth: This research area focuses on specific “macroeconomic” issues, and the determinants of fluctuations and growth. Examples of timely issues are labour market policies, demographics and growth, the role of capital movements, of financial markets and macro prudential rules.
  • Strategic Organisations: The analysis of strategic behaviours encompasses both economics and management questions. It is the theoretical framework needed to evaluate the impact of industry regulations on competitiveness; it is also appropriate to examine strategic interactions between firms and their impact on innovation and management practices. It can be applied to study the financial industry and financial firms.
  • Entrepreneurship and Governance: This research area is devoted to the conditions under which new businesses can be successfully started and grown. Aspects such as risk management, auditing and accounting are also crucial factors for the development of entities. The role of asymmetric information and incentive mechanisms underlies these questions. It is a domain where interactions between economics and management can be usefully exploited.
  • Econometric Methods: This research area contributes to the advancement of econometric methodology, which is the application of math and statistical methods to extract relationships in economic data.

Current research projects

Current Funded Projects in Economics

  • Competitive Growth Theory (01/03/2018-31/08/2018) / Andreas Irmen
  • International Migration Policy and Law Analysis Database (01/09/2015-30/04/2018) / Michel Beine
  • Spatial Optima and the Social Benefits of Urban Green Space (01/04/2015-30/09/2018) / Pierre M. Picard (Co-supervisor)
  • AGECON C (Population Aging: An Exploration of its Effect on Economic Performance and Culture) (01/05/2015-30/04/2018) / Andreas Irmen
  • Reconciling the Uneasy Relationship between Economics and Personal Data Privacy (01/04/2015 - 31/03/2018) / Benteng Zou (Co-supervisor)
  • Optimal policies in the market for childcare: theory and evidence from Luxembourg (01/05/2015 to 30/04/2018) / Arnaud Dupuy

Current Funded Projects in Management

  • On the costs of knowledge privatization (01/05/2014-30/04/2020) / Katrin Hussinger
  • Post-Merger Integration of Innovative Assets and Innovation Outcome (01/07/2014-31/08/2018) / Katrin Hussinger
  • The relation between listed forms’ risk reporting and accounting conservatism -Evidence from selected countries in Europe (01/03/2015-30/06/2019) / Anke Muessig
  • Family Business in Luxembourg (15/05/2016 to 30/04/2018) / Denise E Fletcher

Resources and collaborations


The research in CREA is based on the most up-to-date methodological tools offered in economic science. In particular, internal consistency of economic analysis is guaranteed by the use of rigorous mathematical modelling and dedicated use of game theory and optimisation theories. Empirical research is constrained to the rigorous use of econometric modelling and robustness testing.

Products and services

Theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed papers in renowned professional journals.

Occasionally, reports related to competitiveness, attractiveness and diversification of the Luxembourg economy for STATEC, OECD, and the Ministry of the Economy and Foreign Trade.

Major partnerships and collaborations

National: Ministry of the Economy and Foreign; Service Central de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques

International: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); World Bank; University of Louvain (BE); University of Brussels (BE); University of Montreal (CA); University of Toronto (CA); University of Bielefeld (DE); Ecole Polytechnique (FR); University of Toulouse (FR); University of Strasbourg (FR); University of Maastricht (NL); Harvard University (USA); Bar Ilan University (IL); London School of Economics (UK); University of Amsterdam (NL); University of Sydney (AU); Australian National University (AU); University of Tokyo (JP).

Additional information

Since 2016, the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics abd Supply Chain Management is tied to our research centre.
The LCL aims at becoming a European leader for education, research and innovation in logistics and supply chain management.

Human resources

  • 21 Researchers (Prof., ass. Prof., Post-docs, PhD)
  • 10 Doctoral students and students
  • 0 Engineers
  • 0 Technicians
  • 5 Other

Business sector(s)

  • Finance


Centre for Research in Economics and Management(CREA)
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