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Luxinnovation, National Agency for Innovation and Research

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EUREKA is a European intergovernmental initiative launched in 1985 that supports research and technological development (R&D) projects. It involves 39 member countries from the entire European continent. By promoting R&D projects run by enterprises in transnational collaboration in all technology areas, EUREKA aims to strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of European industry.

EUREKA projects

EUREKA supports R&D projects in any thematic area by encouraging the industrial application of leading-edge technology. Projects must be carried out jointly by several partners, a requirement which promotes transnational cooperation. The programme's vast R&D network, which has grown to encompass a broad range of activity sectors and technology areas, enables participants to find partners with whom they can collaborate on R&D projects.

Proposals for R&D projects must:

  • meet a market need
  • involve at least two partners from different member countries;
  • contribute to the development of products, processes or services which represent a genuine technological improvement in their sector
  • combine the know-how, the technology, the management skills and the funds required for the project

Several types of R&D projects can be carried out in the EUREKA framework. Most projects supported by EUREKA are individual R&D projects taken forward through cooperation between at least 2 participants from 2 member states in the technology area of their choice.

Projects implemented as part of a EUREKA cluster tie in with the objectives and the priorities of a specific domain of strategic importance defined by each of the strategic initiatives called "clusters".

Projects implemented within a thematic network (so-called "umbrellas") target particular technological domains or sectors and address specific industrial challenges.

The Eurostars programme, managed by EUREKA, aims to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to carry out R&D projects.

Project funding

EUREKA awards a label to selected and implemented projects. This label is recognised at international level. EUREKA does not allocate funds, but can facilitate the access to national public financing in the EU Member State. Public co-funding of projects submitted within the EUREKA framework is thus always national only.

In Luxembourg, requests for financial support for private-sector entities should be submitted to the Ministry of the Economy with reference to the Law of 5 June 2009 on the promotion of R&D and innovation. As these projects involve international cooperation, they are eligible for additional financial support if the EUREKA label is awarded.

Participation rules

Both individual projects and projects to be set up under an "umbrella" can be submitted all year round. There are no calls for proposals for these two types of projects. In contrast, project promoters planning to implement a project within the framework of a cluster or as part of the Eurostars programme must reply to one of the Calls for project proposals which are published regularly.

Project submission involves two simultaneous applications:

  • Requesting the labelling from EUREKA by filling in the form that is available for download on the EUREKA website
  • Requesting financial assistance from the Ministry of the Economy
Project promoters are advised to contact Luxinnovation, which acts as National EUREKA Coordination Secretariat on behalf of the Ministry of the Economy, for free assistance with these procedures. Luxinnovation can help you to include the project in the EUREKA network, to find technical and commercial partners, to take note of other project ideas and to prepare the application for financial support.