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Young scientists and entrepreneurs
Youth Initiatives and Organisation

The range of subjects offered in the fields of research and innovation allow young people to explore topics of interest and meet experts fascinated by their work. It is also an ideal topic to help develop one's own ideas and enhance one's creativity. The realm of scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship can provide a lot of inspiration for a future professional career.

Several initiatives and agencies in Luxembourg are dedicated to helping young people discover scientific research. These initiatives are also open to entrepreneurs, researchers and other professionals wanting to get involved in order to share their experiences. The initiatives and organisations dedicated to exposing science and entrepreneurship to young people cover various subjects:

Creativity and Innovation

The aim of the school contest GENIAL! is to promote creativity and innovation amongst young people by giving them the opportunity to express and develop their ideas. It is open to all primary and secondary students in Luxembourg.

Scientific culture

The website presents the world of science and research in a fun, educational and interactive manner. It targets the general public and in particular children, teenagers and their teachers and mediators. Articles and videos feature scientific experiments, topics, careers and projects. It is also possible to participate in competitions. The objective is to present research and science without professional jargon, ensuring that the content is always interesting and presented in an unexpected way.

The Science Festival aims to present and promote scientific and research culture in Luxembourg as well as spur interest and curiosity among young people with regards to science and technologies.

The Researchers' Days are an opportunity for the general public to meet researchers in a friendly atmosphere and offers the opportunity to learn about the importance of a researcher and its vital significance for us all. The objective is to get rid of certain persistent prejudices concerning researchers, and to bring the general public closer to the research world.

Mister Science is a character who has been created by the National Research Fund to promote scientific culture among young people and to the general public. He answers scientific questions on Eldoradio and features regularly in RTL's popular TV programme PISA Wëssensmagazin. Mister Science has his own section on the website, where all his broadcast shows can be found. It is also possible to ask him questions. Moreover, the National Research Fund is co-organising a training for "scientific organisers" together with the National Youth Service.

The Panda Club of the National Museum of Natural History offers children aged between 6 and 10 a number of scientific activities organised around the theme of nature. For older children aged between 11 and 18, the Science Club offers the possibility to gather scientific and technical experience. The associations PINS and Déi Kleng Fuerscher promote scientific culture to young people through interactive scientific projects.

The "Researchers in school" activity offers upper secondary school students the opportunity to meet researchers in their classes. The researchers will tell them about their work, their passions and their backgrounds. This does not involve scientific presentations, but is an opportunity for students to meet researchers "in real life" and ask them all sorts of questions regarding science that they might have. They also find out about research that is done in Luxembourg. This initiative is organised by the National Research Fund.

The Young Scientists Foundation of Luxembourg offers young people extracurricular activities in relation to scientific and technical education. The association also organises the national Young Scientists Competition.

Entrepreneurship for young people

The association Jonk Entrepreneuren aims to promote entrepreneurship spirit within education and to encourage creativity among the youth. Its activities allow students of all levels of education in Luxembourg to learn how to start and manage a business.

The Junior Chamber International Luxembourg offers people aged between 18 and 40 the possibility to engage in projects that affect society in a positive way. The business and entrepreneurial world are one of the primary subjects.


How to create an innovative business

If you have concrete plans on an innovative business idea that you would like to launch, consult our Creating innovative businesses section for useful information.

Discovering innovation and research in Luxembourg

The section on Discovering innovation and research of this portal presents a number of initiatives and activities that offer you the possibility to familiarise yourself with innovation and science.