How to do well in business

No question, Etix Everywhere is one of the most exciting Luxembourg startups of recent years. Set up in 2011 by Charles-Antoine Beyney and Antoine Boniface, it specialises in modular, fully customisable data centres, involving the client at every stage of the process. The company’s refreshing approach and innovative solutions have led to rapid growth, and with the help of a recent €15 million capital injection, it is set to make ambitious new inroads into the international market.

The company’s founders have an enviable track record as entrepreneurs. Mr Beyney, still only 32, headed five profitable companies before setting up Etix Everywhere, providing him with both a start-up fund for the new venture and a thorough practical knowledge of the industry.

Put boldly, Etix Everywhere is doing so well because it knows its business inside out and charges 50% less than the competition. Emphasising transparency, simplicity and sustainability, its policy is to cut costs, not corners. As an example, its new data centres are not housed in containers but built from scratch with bricks and mortar. The customers win out in two ways; their data centres are more secure, and they avoid the staggering cost and upheaval of vacating their container every 15 years or so for refurbishment.

The lateral approach

"We are out to reinvent this industry," says Mr Beyney. "We are constantly searching for state-of-the-art technology and sustainable solutions; 40% of our budget goes straight into R&D." Etix Everywhere has an indisputably creative approach; take, for example, their system of preventing power outages. A standard method would be to have two 270kW generators; one in constant use and the other on standby. Instead, the company sets up three independent power-producing chains (a generator, a UPS and a switchboard), each operating at 67% capacity to generate a total of 270kW. If one fails, the other two ratchet up to 100% capacity, maintaining a 270kW output and preventing damage to the stored data. This system reduces energy consumption by 25% and also improves the overall power usage effectiveness (PUE), the ratio between the data centre’s total consumption and the power delivered to its IT infrastructure.

Eliminating the unnecessary

"This industry is riddled with painstaking, long-winded and very risky processes," says Mr Beyney. “We see them, and we know how to change them.” Their starting point is the customer; they meet them and together devise a solution, from a dedicated space for the client in one of Etix Everywhere’s existing colocation data centres to a fully customisable, modular and scalable data centre built to order. The customer is fully involved at every stage from the choice of location to final delivery, a process which can take as little as 16 weeks. Etix Everywhere also deploys DCIM – Data Centre Infrastructure Management – in its data centres, which for the customer means fewer engineers on site and further cost savings.

Home and away

Etix Everywhere is seeing a growing increase in demand for its solutions from the blue chip sector, one of the factors contributing to a projected increase in turnover from the current €12 million to €35 million next year. "We wouldn’t be looking at that kind of growth if we didn’t have great people," says Mr Beyney, "but fortunately, it’s not hard to persuade people to come and work in Luxembourg." The new international sales and development managers are likely to be very busy in the near future; with smart data centres already up and running in France and Morocco, the company’s plan is to launch in ten G20 countries over the next two years and to follow that up with a move into China and Russia. The expansion will be financed by a €15 million capital investment from InfraVia Capital and Tiger Infrastructure Partners.

  • Updated 08-03-2016