The Dependence Receptor concept: from cell biology to clinical trial


Prof. Agnes Bernet is Professor at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Co-founder and chief scientific officer at Netris pharma (Lyon, France).


Our laboratory has discovered a new family of receptors called Receptors of Dependence which are tumor suppressors that trigger the death of tumor cells. In collaboration with the medical staff of the Comprehensive cancer center “Léon Bérard” in Lyon, we have observed that these receptors are deregulated in many types of cancer and that targeting this new pathway could be a new anticancer treatment. To date, more than 20 different receptors have been identified. In order to rapidly provide this new treatment to patients, we created a start-up company, Netris Pharma (, which developed a humanized monoclonal antibody against Netrin-1, the ligand of a Dependent receptor. Today, we began enrolling patients with advanced / metastatic solid tumors in a Phase I clinical study. The presentation will explain the different stages of development of this project.

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