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    • PME

    Industry 4.0 is considered one of the key technologies necessary to secure future competitiveness of industrial companies in the western world. While large companies in Luxembourg have already begun digitizing their products and their production processes, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

    • Thématiques transversales

    Le Luxembourg vise à devenir la première nation circulaire du monde. Un objectif ambitieux qui passe notamment par l’optimisation des flux des matériaux, que ce soit en termes de qualité ou de maintien dans le circuit économique. Il s’agit de s’assurer

    • Spatial, Espace

    The objective of this conference is to stimulate interactions and bring together researchers, engineers, users, infrastructure and service providers, interested in exploiting Big Data from Space. Detailed objectives are: Present and discuss results, progresses and emerging challenges, including open data access

    • Spatial, Espace

    One year after the launch of Galileo Initial Services, the 1st Annual Galileo User Assembly will take place in Madrid on November 28-29. Spread over two days, the Assembly will include four fora – Transport, Mass Market, Professional and R&D –

    • Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication

    Une nouvelle révolution urbaine est en marche! Découvrez-la le 30 novembre prochain au Technoport à Belval. Pour cette 5ème édition co-organisée par Neobuild, l'AWEX et le LIST, avec le soutien de CAP2020 et du Technoport, le cycle de conférences Living City

    • Santé, Science de la vie et biotechnologie

    Speaker Prof Ioannis XENARIOS Director Swiss-Prot & Vital-IT group SIB- Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Center for Integrative Genomics University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland Abstract In silico modeling how cells react, respond to its genetics and its environment is certainly a great

    • Thématiques transversales

    Jointly organised by the two research departments, the conference “Peace Through Law: The Versailles Peace Treaty and dispute settlement after WWI” is designed to investigate both the notion of “peace through law” and the new international framework set up by the

    • Spatial, Espace

    The annual InnoTesting conference in Wildau (near Berlin) has gained a reputation as an international event for the exchange of ideas and experience in the field of simulation and testing in the aerospace industry as well as for the automotive sector,

    • Environnement, Energie

    A strong wind of green energy, technical innovation and economic success is expected in Hamburg, as the German metropolis will again be hosting the world’s leading international WindEnergy expo from 25 to 28 September 2018. During this global on- and offshore

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