LSF (Luxembourg School of Finance)


Principaux axes de recherche

The LSF revised its research strategy in 2016 and identified three main research clusters:

a) Asset management

b) Institutions

c) Future of Finance

The research cluster “Asset management” deals with asset pricing, alternative investments and generally the fund industry. Based on the LSF’s expertise in empirical research and data analysis, a unique dataset for investment funds registered in Luxembourg was created in close cooperation with ALFI (Luxemburg Investment Fund Association). In addition, the cluster also covers household finance and wealth management. The research cluster “Asset management” is of a great importance for Luxembourg since Luxembourg is the second biggest home of funds in the world.

The research cluster “Institutions” covers all financial aspect of optimal organization, regulation and management of banks, insurance companies and other financial actors. Within risk management and insurance, we look at the idiosyncratic risk of firms and banks.

The research cluster “Future of Finance” addresses the major changes brought by FinTech and Big Data. The research in this cluster has a clear interdisciplinary nature by sharing ingredients from finance, information technology, management and law.

Projets de recherche en cours

a) Regulation of real estate finance: Ulf von Lilienfeld-Toal

b) Performance and Risk Characteristics of the Alternative Investment Fund Industry: Roman Kräussl

c) Experimental Assessment of the Societal Impact of Algorithmic Traders in Asset Markets:

 - Tibor Neugebauer

Ressources et collaborations

Produits et services (y compris méthodes, procédés et technologies)

Research and teaching. Contribute to the social, cultural and economic development in Luxemburg.


Principaux partenariats et/ou collaborations (national et international)

National: ABBL, ALFI, ACA, Statec, BCL

International: EIB, Universities in Europe and North America (e.g. Stanford, Columbia, Duke, New York, Lausanne, Stockholm)


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